How can a traumatic brain injury manifest itself after birth? When a baby suffers a brain injury at birth, parents can have an entire host of questions. The questions can range from how this could happen to what type of challenges will their child face going into the future.

One of the main focuses of this Maryland birth injury article is to explain how in some instances a traumatic brain injury after birth can manifest itself. If this is something that your family is currently going through, then this article may provide helpful insight.




Before I get to the question of how can a traumatic brain injury manifest itself after birth I would like to talk with you about an important tool used by doctors and other medical professionals to determine fetal well-being. This tool is called the electronic fetal heart monitor.


The electronic fetal heart monitor can be used to determine fetal well-being. Essentially what this tool does is help doctors and nurses understand how well a baby is tolerating a vaginal delivery. The electronic fetal heart monitor does this by displaying the baby’s heart rate. A normal heart rate for a baby will be between 120 to 160 bpm.


If the baby’s heart rate is above 160 bpm or below 120 bpm for a considerable amount of time then doctors and nurses can be made aware that the baby might not be tolerating the vaginal delivery. In addition doctors and nurses can tell by the acceleration or deceleration pattern on the strips how well the baby is tolerating the vaginal delivery. The presence of meconium and other factors can also give an indication as to how well the baby is tolerating the delivery.




When doctors and nurses miss signs of fetal distress, and the baby’s reserves are depleted, a devastating injury can occur to the baby. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy might be something that is mentioned in the baby’s medical record. A mixed injury containing a partial prolonged asphyxic event and an acute asphyxic event may also be mentioned in the baby’s medical record.


In addition to the above as evidence of a manifestation of a traumatic brain injury in a baby, parents can notice certain things after delivery. The baby may be blue in color after birth or the baby may suffer from seizures. In addition, the baby may have to be resuscitated and taken into the NICU. On top of these things, the baby may have low Apgar scores. Evidence of a traumatic brain injury may also be present on an MRI scan.




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