How do you handle an objection during your deposition testimony? You are testifying during your deposition and all of a sudden you hear objection from one of the attorneys what do you do? If you have never given a deposition before this may confuse you. As a matter of fact, for some witnesses testifying during a deposition, and an objection from one of the attorneys can throw off their entire testimony.

The purpose of this educational article is to help you understand some of the basics of a deposition. Remember, if you have an attorney, be sure to listen to your attorney’s advice regarding any deposition prep.



Depositions are important tools used during discovery in the civil justice system. They essentially are question and answer sessions and which the lawyers can have an opportunity to dig deeper into the issues of the case. In addition, depositions can be used to narrow the issues for trial.

When you arrive to your deposition, there will be certain people in the room. Of course you will see the attorneys for both sides present, with a court reporter in the mix. The role of the court reporter is to take down everything that is said during the deposition to make a complete record. Your deposition may also have a videographer. The job of the videographer is to record the deposition on camera.




So you have just been asked a question from one of the attorneys and you begin to answer the question. Midway through your testimony you hear objection from one of the other attorneys what do you do? How do you handle an objection during your deposition testimony?

Anytime you hear an objection during your deposition one of the first things you should do is stop and listen. This is something that is very important to keep in mind.

One of the reasons you want to stop and listen is because your attorney may have directions for you regarding the question. I cannot stress enough the importance of listening to your attorney and following your attorney’s direction.

Another reason why you should listen after an objection is due to the fact that the attorneys may need to have a discussion about the question. In some instances the attorneys will direct you to leave the room while the objection is handled outside of your presence. Remember, when in doubt, stop and listen when you hear an objection made during your testimony.



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