How social media can destroy your Maryland injury case. By injury case, many people will assume this applies only to car crash cases. However, the information in this article can hold true with a variety of injury cases.


If you have specific questions as to the admissibility of this type of evidence in your jurisdiction, I strongly suggest that you contact local counsel. One of the main focuses of this article, and corresponding educational video, is to demonstrate how your social media postings can possibly impact your injury case, or claim.




The word damages is used in this context to talk about the injury or harm done to the plaintiff. A person bringing an injury law suit has to prove essentially that the carelessness of another is what caused their harm, or their damages. In many personal injury cases, along with causation, the “seriousness” of the injury is a hotly contested issue.


A plaintiff can testify during a deposition and at trial regarding their injury. The defense will more than likely ask questions regarding how the injury has played a role in the plaintiff’s life. For example, what is injured and how the injury has impacted the person’s life.




For most people who post to social media the idea that their postings might be used against them is not on their list of concerns. The suggestion regarding how social media can destroy your Maryland injury case is just not on their minds. With that said, the best way to explain this issue is through an example.


Let us say that a plaintiff files an injury case alleging that the defendant is responsible for their injury. According to the plaintiff, they have serious pain in their back and legs. They further go on to state that they need the assistance of a wheelchair and cane. All of this information is presented in deposition and other discovery documents.


Well, after the deposition, and before the trial, the plaintiff posts pictures on their social media account showing them horseback riding and hiking steep hills and trails. In addition, there are postings of bowling matches and tournaments.


Can you see why the defense will want this information? This type of evidence can be used to refute the claims about the plaintiff’s back injury. These activities would allow the fact finder to see another side of the plaintiff’s experience and can even call into play truthfulness.




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