Was your breast cancer misdiagnosed in Maryland because of this. . . ? There are multiple reasons why breast cancer could be missed or misdiagnosed in a patient. In this educational article and supporting video we will focus on failure to order additional testing and failure to obtain an adequate patient history.




Breast cancer can be missed due to medical staff failing to take a proper medical history and failing to order necessary testing. This is typically seen when a patient presents and discovers a lump on her own or notices significant changes in her breast. She alerts her doctor and the doctor decides not to order additional testing but decides to take the “wait and see” approach.


The wait and see approach is when the doctor waits a specified time frame to determine if the lump is really a lump or if its dense breast tissue. The wait and see with changes in the breast themselves, will look to see if the changes are due to any other issue such as pregnancy, age, etc.




Another issue with delays and misdiagnosis occurs when medical staff fail to take adequate medical histories. If there is a history of breast cancer in the family: mother, sibling, grandparent, aunt; it should be noted in your file. Certain cancers can appear in more than one person in a family.


By not taking a thorough history and not ordering any follow-up testing such as a mammogram or blood work, the risk increase that if cancer is present, it could spread by the time it is diagnosed.




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