Do you need to sue in Prince Georges County Maryland for your baby’s birth injury? In general, the parents who contact my office regarding this issue have a lot of questions on their minds. This is because for many of them unforeseen challenges and concern for the well-being of their child has lead them to reach out for help.


One of the main purposes of this Maryland birth injury article is to provide you with information regarding not only how these cases are proven in Maryland, but the types of birth injury cases parents generally contact us regarding.




Please understand that there are several ways in which a child can suffer an injury at birth. With that said, for the purpose of this article we will focus on the two common calls we receive in this area.


A common type of birth injury we see is a traumatic brain injury at birth. This injury can reveal itself to parents immediately after birth in some cases. For example, the baby can be born blue in color, or suffer seizures after birth, or have to be rushed to the NICU. In some instances, mothers can begin to worry when they are informed that meconium was present when mom’s water was broken.


Traumatic brain injuries in a baby can sometimes lead to a cerebral palsy diagnosis down the line. For some babies, a hypoxic event during delivery can lead to an injury to the brain. Some parents are informed of a medical condition called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and their research into this condition leads them to contact a Maryland birth injury lawyer.


A second type of injury that we can see in Maryland birth injury cases is an injury stemming from shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia is a medical condition in which the baby gets trapped behind the mother’s pelvis. This can create an emergency in the delivery room because if the doctors do not free the baby fast enough severe injury can occur, or in some instances, death.


What can happen in a shoulder dystocia situation is that the doctor panics and applies force to the child, causing an injury. These injuries can be a broken clavicle or shoulder bone, an injury to the baby’s arm or hand, or a brachial plexus injury. For some parents the severity of the injury will not be known until further in time.




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Questions like how do you prove these types of cases can be discussed. In addition, we can talk about the need for medical experts in your baby’s case and how we can assist with getting he needed experts to review the case. Give me a call, as I answer questions like yours all the time and I would be happy to listen to your story.


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