A patient recently contacted my office about the issues he experienced following a surgery. This person knew that things were not going well immediately after the surgery. He followed up with his doctor. So how was his Maryland medical malpractice case over before talking to an attorney?


A Patient Continues A Course Of Treatment For Some Time Without Getting Better


The patient continued the course of treatment and even saw other medical professionals to assist him with the lingering effects of his surgery. The patient did not get any better, but continued with the same course of treatment over time.


After Growing Weary The Patient Begins To Research His Issues And Calls An Attorney


The patient decided that enough was enough. He got on the internet and began to research the issues surrounding his surgery and why he was not getting better. The conclusion of his research led him to seek the advice of legal counsel.


During his initial conversation with the attorney it was determined that the surgery occurred outside the statute of limitations.


Statute of limitations is the timeframe set by statute in each jurisdiction. It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and type of claim. It may also vary by whether or not it is a federal or state government versus a private company or individual.


How Was His Maryland Medical Malpractice Case Over?


If you do not bring your claim in time under the statute of limitations regarding your issues, you could lose your claim forever. Courts take these issues very seriously and can and will dismiss a case for barred by the statute of limitations.


I Am Not Sure Of The Statute Of Limitations In My Case, What Can I Do?


How was his Maryland medical malpractice case over before talking to an attorney? Hopefully now after reading this educational article you understand the importance of the statute of limitations.


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