After many sleepless nights wondering how to help her child’s quality of life, she finally called a birth injury lawyer. This was something that was essentially told to me by a mother who had serious concerns that her child had suffered an injury at birth. To her, one of the most important things for her family was to figure out how to help improve her child’s quality of life, and how one would pay for the costs following a cerebral palsy diagnosis.


The purpose of this Maryland birth injury educational article is to make you familiar with an important tool used by birth injury attorneys when advocating for their clients.




While talking to the mother in this case, she had a hard time understanding how things could play out the way that they did when she did not have any issues during her pregnancy. She followed all of the directions of her doctors and did not miss any prenatal appointments. In addition, she did not have to deal with issues such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia.


However, during the artificial rupture of membranes meconium was present. Additionally, at the conclusion of her vaginal delivery her baby was born blue and did not cry. The doctors rushed the baby off to the care of the NICU and eventually the family was given a cerebral palsy diagnosis for their child.




When a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, there will be challenges present. However, parents still want to give their child the best quality of life possible. Maryland birth injury lawyers understand this fact and assist clients in situations like this with the preparation of a life care plan.


A life care plan is completed by a professional who has experience in dealing with the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. For example, a life care plan will include in it a wheel chair if this is needed by the client. Speech therapy will be included if this is needed. Anything which may be needed by the client to help them in their day to day activities (and other things as well) are included and are planned out for the remainder of the client’s life. This is just one way in which a Maryland birth injury lawyer can help a family in these cases.




After many sleepless nights wondering how to help your child you can talk to someone about things.  To speak with me further if your child has suffered an injury at birth in Maryland, or has been recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, this is what I invite you to do. Add to this, don’t let the fact that you may not think that you can’t “afford” an attorney to prevent you from at least taking this next action, as this next action will cost you nothing.


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