Are strokes on the rise for younger adults?


I recently stumbled upon an article regarding the increase in strokes for younger people.


The article began by stating that strokes in older individuals are on the decline. However, the opposite is true for those under the age of 45. Also, in that age range both men and women suffer equally.


A big issue with strokes is the life changing alterations and also resulting or lasting impact from a stroke that is the cause for concern. There are risk factors for stroke. By understanding certain risk factors, you can help decrease the likelihood of having a stroke.


Those with high blood pressure are at risk for having a stroke. High blood pressure patients should speak with a doctor or nutritionists about ways to lower blood pressure. The article suggested, eating more fresh vegetables and less red meat. Also fish, whole grains and nuts contain nutrients which help to lower blood pressure.


Having high cholesterol is another risk factor for stroke. Cholesterol can be lowered by getting more cardiovascular exercise and avoiding fatty and processed foods


Those who smoke are at a greater risk from suffering from a stroke. Smoking is connected to at least 50% of all strokes in young adults.


Illegal drugs and narcotic use also is linked to strokes for those less than 35 years of age. A side effect of street drugs is an increased heart rate. This can cause pressure on the blood vessels causing them to rupture or leak. Street drugs can also cause the narrowing of blood vessels over time.  


Those who are morbidly obese have a greater chance of having a stroke than their healthier counterparts. The article mentioned that one study suggested that obesity contributed to 57% more strokes in younger adults.


With evidence indicating that strokes are on the rise for younger adults, it is important that people take the time to become healthy and make healthier dietary and lifestyle decisions.


To read the article in support of this post, please follow the link here. In addition, be sure to speak with your doctor regarding any health related issues.

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