Why did my baby have to be given oxygen at birth? Why did the nurses immediately move the baby to the NICU? If everything was fine why was all of this going on? Now, after some time has passed, we have seen our child not meeting neonatal milestones and has been given a cerebral palsy diagnosis.


At the end of the above conversation, the mother wanted to know how doctors and nurses essentially monitor fetal wellbeing in the delivery room. This Maryland child birth injury and medical malpractice educational article will deal with an important tool used in hospitals all over the United States to help doctors and nurses determine how well a baby is tolerating a vaginal delivery.




As mentioned above, the electronic fetal heat monitor is a device used in hospitals all around the US and assists doctors in determining how well a baby is tolerating a vaginal delivery. One of the main areas of focus for the monitor is the baby’s heart, hence the name.


When doctors and nurses observe readings which cause concern, they have to be ready to assist mom and baby. For example, if any previous measures do not clear up dangers displayed on the fetal strips, doctors and nurses have to move to an emergency C-section if that is in the best interest of mother and baby.


Problems can occur if for whatever reason the strips are not read correctly and the medical professionals miss important red flags in the readings. This can then lead to the baby suffering a serious injury.




Why did my baby have to be given oxygen at birth? Or why was my baby blue in color and had to be rushed to the NICU? All of these things are real life issues some parents have to face.


If there is an issue of a reduced level of oxygen (or a sudden cut off of oxygen) to the baby during delivery, this can be problematic if the baby cannot overcome the issue. We have to understand that giving birth is a serious and stressful endeavor for mother and baby. A decrease in oxygen to the baby could be because the umbilical cord is restricted, for example (there are also other causes for a reduction of oxygen to the baby).


When these things are present, sometimes at delivery the baby will not be able to breathe well on his or her own. As a result, doctors and nurses may have to give the baby oxygen to assist with breathing. Brain injures can sometimes be the result of a child who suffered a birth asphyxia event. Parents can sometimes see the medical condition hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or HIE in their child’s records.




Why did my baby have to be given oxygen at birth? As mentioned above, there are numerous reasons as to why the doctors had to give your baby oxygen at birth. If you have more questions about your child’s situation, maybe they have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, or they are not meeting certain neonatal milestones, etc.…this is what I invite you to do. Pick up the phone and call me.


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