What can my baby gain by filing a malpractice suit for a cerebral palsy diagnosis? This was a question that came in to us by a parent who is concerned about some of the challenges their child will face in the future regarding a recent cerebral palsy diagnosis.


If you are reading this educational article with the same questions, it is my hope that you will have a better understanding of how these cases work in Maryland and how a medical malpractice lawyer can help assist your family. As I have told parents in the past, all hope is not gone for your child and family and that there are people and resources available to assist going forward!




When a medical professional explains that a baby has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, parents can sometimes feel at their world is falling apart. So many questions are present with emotions of fear, anger, and confusion present in some cases.


Cerebral palsy is a medical condition in which movement, posture, or muscle tone are targeted due to the disorder. One way in which cerebral palsy can be caused is due to damage to the brain during delivery. This can be due to a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain. For some parents, doctors may have talked with them about a condition called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or HIE. HIE essentially deals with some oxygen loss to the brain and not a total loss of oxygen. Because oxygen is so important to the body, it is understandable how serious damage to the brain can occur when there is a lack of or reduced amount of oxygen.




What can my baby gain by filing a malpractice suit if there is a cerebral palsy diagnosis in the future? When a child has a brain injury at birth, especially when that injury leads to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, the child will face challenges. This is why it is so important that parents do all they can to help their child with these challenges.


For these types of cases, a Maryland medical malpractice attorney is going to get the aid of medical experts, and other experts such as vocational rehabilitation/certified life care planners and economists.


“What can my baby gain by filing a malpractice suit” is the help of these experts to put a plan together which will help your child face the future challenges. For example, the life care plan will include things like wheelchairs, physical therapy, schooling needs, retro fits to the family car and home, etc…The life care plan will factor these types of things in for the life time of the child, with the costs built into the plan.




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