She demanded that we sue for medical malpractice because the doctor waived the bill! Is this a good reason to file a Maryland medical malpractice law suit? In other words, can you use the fact that your doctor waived a bill from a procedure in which you suffered an injury as direct proof of medical malpractice in Maryland?


This question comes up at least a couple of times a year when we are talking about medical malpractice in Maryland. To be honest, it is understandable for people to think that the doctor must have something to hide if they are waving a bill in which the patient suffered an injury.


The point of this educational article is to shed light on this issue and explain to you how a doctor waiving a bill is not absolute proof of medical malpractice in Maryland.




She demanded that we sue for medical malpractice because not only had the doctor waived her bill, but because she had suffered a serious injury. When people have suffered a serious injury while in the care of a doctor it is understandable for them to want to hold someone accountable for the upcoming challenges in their life.


When an injury is serious, individuals face numerous challenges. For example, future medical care may be needed. In addition, the person may not be able to go back to work. Not being able to work can cause things to snowball not only for the injured person, but also their family.




Maryland law in the area of medical malpractice demands that a plaintiff (the person bringing the law suit) be able to prove that the treating doctor fell below the standard of care owed to them, causing their injury. This is done through the use of medical experts.


These experts (usually contact for you through your lawyer) will review all of the records in the case and come to a conclusion as to not only the standard of care, but whether the treating doctor(s) departed from it, causing your injury.


As for a doctor waiving a bill, that could be for a number of reasons. Maybe the doctor thinks that the patient has went through enough with the injury. Or maybe the doctor is tired of the patient and wants to move in a different direction. There can be a number of reasons for a doctor waiving a bill, medical malpractice is not the only one.




She demanded that we sue for medical malpractice because the doctor waived the bill. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of this issue. To speak with me further regarding a medical injury that you have suffered in Maryland, this is what I invite you to do.


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