How revenge drove her to wanting her doctor to pay for her injury.


“The doctor must pay for what he has done to me. There can be no way around this Mr. Boston, as I want him to know what he has done to me.”


The above was conveyed to me by an individual who had suffered a serious medical injury while in the care of a doctor. Because of the nature and severity of the injury, it was totally understandable for the person to feel the way she did regarding the injury.


With that said, is “revenge” ever a good reason to move forward with a Maryland medical malpractice claim? I will explain to you why if you are motivated by revenge to move forward with a Maryland medical malpractice claim you are more than likely making a big mistake in my opinion.




As I mentioned above, the type of injury this person reported was one in which she would face serious challenges for the remainder of her life. This was a woman who was in the prime of her life and she had a family. Because of the injury, she would now go from someone who was a provider to someone who, in her words, “would have to be take care of.”


Looking at the situation like this, one can easily see how strong feelings like revenge could take over. One fear constantly maintained by many people who contact my office when they have suffered a serious injury is not being able to take care of their family.




When you hire a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer to assist you with your case, one crucial role for your lawyer is to give you the pros and cons regarding your case. In no way can your lawyer ultimately make decisions for you in matters in which the client has the last word, but your lawyer can give you guidance as to what may happen if you make a decision either way.


However, to be able to make the best call for your case you have to have a clear mind and be able to sit back and assess the information.




In the above paragraph I laid out how a client needs to have a clear mind when looking at key decision making points in a case. Revenge is a feeling which can cloud the mind of good decision making abilities.


For example, let us say that your lawyer has worked hard with the defense in getting a good and fair settlement offer in the case. The offer takes into consideration all the important issues such as case jurisdiction, what juries normally do in a case with the same facts, etc…After working things out the lawyer brings the information back to you. But because all you can see is revenge, you do not take any time to seriously consider the offer. This type of behavior can be problematic down the road.




How revenge drover her to wanting her doctor to pay for her injury! Hopefully now you have a better understanding of why revenge should not be your reason for bringing a Maryland medical malpractice case.


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