What will happen to my baby when I die? This was a question that was posed to me by a mother who had given birth to a child who had suffered a brain injury during a vaginal birth.


Mom made it clear to me that the decision to contact me was one she struggled with because in her words, “I’m not a sue type of person.”  With that said, because of the challenges that her child would face for a lifetime, as a mother, she had to think about what will happen to my baby when I die?




This mother had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. She followed all of the advice of her doctor and was present to all of her prenatal visits. Add to all of this, she was not a high risk mother regarding the pregnancy.


When she got to the hospital to give birth everything started off fine. However, when her water broke there was the presence of heavy meconium. In addition to the presence of meconium, the fetal heart monitor revealed non-reassuring readings with bouts of tachycardia, minimal variability, and other critical issues.  Despite the display of red flags, the doctors and nurses continued a vaginal delivery.


Once the baby was born it was blue in color, suffered seizures and had to be moved to the NICU. The mother eventually had the baby released to her and her husband but they eventually noticed that their baby was not meeting certain neonatal milestones. Eventually, the baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and mom began to wonder about things in the future for her baby.




What will happen to my baby when I die? That question was squarely presented to me. In cases like these, and other serious injury cases, the use of vocational experts will be used to create life care plans for the lifetime of your child.


These vocational experts are used to plan for things such as a new wheel chair, for example or to retro fit your home or your car. In addition, future medical treatment and things like schooling will be taken into consideration. The point is, your attorney and experts will project out the needs of your baby well into the future.




Has your baby been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and you have questions about what is in store? If you have questions about the possible options going forward, this is what I invite you to do. Pick up the phone and give me a call.


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