Baby or child is injured in Maryland, who gets the money? In other words, will the injured child’s money belong to the parents? As a side note, when I say child I mean a person under the age of 18.


The answer to the above question has to be understood when we are dealing with a Maryland tort claim. Injuries to a baby at birth or some other injury covered by tort law will be applicable in this educational article.


As to the question, the short answer is that the money for the injury of the child belongs to the child, point blank. The money does NOT belong to the parents, or anyone else for that matter.




Support for this article can be found in Title 13 of the Estates and Trusts Article. One of the main public policy positions in Maryland regarding injuries to children revolves around protecting them when they are injured and this is reflected in Maryland law.


If you are old enough to remember some of the stories in the past of children being taken advantage of regarding their money. Money that was specifically for the children was being used for things outside of the child’s benefit.


Maryland law requires, as of the writing of this piece, that if a child receives a sum of more than 5 thousand dollars, the money must be made to the order of a trustee. This means that money over 5 thousand dollars must be placed in a trust for the benefit of the child. With all of this said, the trustee must then be sure to preserve the money for the benefit of the child.




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