Gallbladder and surgery injuries with a look into the critical issues are important to understand before filing a Maryland medical malpractice claim. When individuals contact us regarding surgery cases, like with all of our medical malpractice calls, we have to be sure to do a good investigation on the front end to make sure that we do not miss critical issues.


One of the purposes of this Maryland medical malpractice educational article is to use a gallbladder surgery injury case to highlight some of the critical issues in these types of cases.




Before I go further into some of the serious issues in Maryland surgery injury cases, I want to make sure that you understand how these cases work. Maryland law requires that you have a medical expert talk about the proper standard of care for your case. Add to this, the expert must show how your treating doctor breached the standard of care, causing your injury.


Without the above type of testimony your case will not be successful. So, understanding this issue should allow you to see that you can have a bad result and this may not be due to medical malpractice. Surgery is a taxing event on the body and sometimes bad things can happen, even following the proper standard of care. I am not saying that a bad result will never be medical malpractice however, that the actions, or in-actions of the doctor must be analyzed through this lens.




I will use as an example a gallbladder surgery to demonstrate some of the critical issues in these cases. For many people a gallbladder surgery or cholecystectomy is done laparoscopic (several cuts into the abdomen), with the doctor removing a problematic gallbladder and any stones, if present.


During the surgery what can happen is the doctor can cut or injury the common bile duct. The actions after the duct is injured will be of major importance. For example, did the doctor notice that he or she injured the patient? Or did not doctor not notice? If the doctor did not notice the injury and failed to repair the injured bile duct then serious problems can happen.


One thing which can happen is that the patient will be closed up and develop leakage into the abdominal cavity. This leakage can become problematic because the patient can become septic and eventually die if treatment is not received in time.




Gallbladder and surgery injuries can have devastating consequences on a patient. If you have been injured after your gallbladder surgery and you are looking to speak to someone about your possible options, this is what I invite you to do.


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