What is one cause of a brain injury at birth? Parents who are told that their baby has suffered a brain injury often times have so many questions. For example, how did this happen? Or, what will the future have in store for my baby? These are but a few of the things parents will deal with in the upcoming days.


With that said, I have been told that sometimes doctors and other medical professionals seem to not fully answer all of the questions parents may have regarding their child’s condition. The purpose of the Maryland birth injury educational article is to deal with the legal aspects around one way a baby can suffer a brain injury at birth.




In some instances mothers will place all of the blame for their child’s injury on themselves. For some mothers the fault is with them, but this is not always the case. Some of these cases revolve around mothers who did everything that their doctors instructed them to do. Add to this, their pregnancy was uneventful. To put it another way, everything during the pregnancy was normal and not out of the ordinary.


I say all of that above because for these mothers who did the best they could I want to remind them to try not to worry themselves too much.




One cause of a brain injury at birth is due to a lack of oxygen getting to the baby. The term for this is hypoxia. For some parents the first time they hear of this lack of oxygen concept is when it is used in the medical term hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, or HIE.


HIE is essentially a brain injury that is caused by a deprivation of oxygen. When a baby is in fetal distress during a vaginal delivery for a considerable amount of time, a lack of oxygen can occur, leading to the destruction of brain tissue over time.


Doctors and nurses use a tool called the fetal heart monitor to help assess a baby’s progress during a vaginal delivery. If the baby is in distress for too long and help is not given in the form of intrauterine resuscitation measures, or in the worst case, an emergency C-section, severe injury can occur.




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