Getting your baby medical care after filing a Maryland medical malpractice case, is this a good idea? This question was posted to me after I did a video a few months ago focusing on a similar issue. In the previous Maryland medical malpractice educational video, I touched on some advice that a mother shared with me about how she was keeping focus during this process.


As to the question at hand, getting your baby medical care, the short answer is that you should do all that you can to continue to get your baby the help that they need, even after the filing of a Maryland medical malpractice case.




The subheading above pretty much sums up one of the roles of parents when their child has been injured at birth. Remember, even though a Maryland law suit has been filed, life will continue to go on for your family. So this means that getting things like babysitters in place and following up with medical treatment still must take precedence.


Because these cases can take a long time (years in many instances from start to finish), your baby’s doctors may still be suggesting treatments. For example, physical therapy may be in order. If something like this is the case, then you have to continue to get your baby that treatment. Remember, this is but one example.


Another example may be the investigation into things like local and state grants which can help your child on the treatment side. Some of these services can help with things such as daycare all the way to certain types of medical equipment. All of these things can go a long ways in helping your child continue to develop and have as much success as possible.


A friendly reminder regarding the grants and mechanisms like these, be sure to speak with your attorney first because there may be legal ramifications regarding certain payouts.




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