How will the issues be known in a Maryland medical malpractice case?


The above is a question that can be on the minds of many people who are thinking of bringing these types of claims. For many they know that they have suffered an injury, usually devastating in nature, and that is the extent of their certainty.


In this Maryland medical malpractice educational article you will get a basic understanding of a discovery tool called interrogatories. Interrogatories can essentially help narrow and specify crucial issues in your case.




Maryland law will require that you prove that your doctor fell below the standard of care owed to you at the time of your treatment. In addition to falling below the standard of care, the medical professional’s actions or in-actions must have been the cause of your injury.


Your lawyer and law firm will use the appropriate medical experts to prove the above statement. The experts will review your records and speak with your lawyer regarding the case. Once all of this is done, the experts will usually put their findings and opinions in a report.




Before your case heads to a court and jury, if a jury trial is selected, discovery will have taken place. Interrogatories are a type of discovery tool used to ask the other side, and your side, written questions about the issues in the case. The difference between interrogatories and depositions is that depositions are a spoken question and answer session, whereas interrogatories are written questions and answers.


For example, the defense may ask you in written form what is your full name? Or as another example, the defense may ask you for the information surrounding your expert in the case. These are but some of the types of questions that can be asked through interrogatories to help clarify the issues for trial.


One other thing about interrogatories, the answers produced can be used at trial as long as adherence to the rules are followed.




How will the issues be known in a Maryland medical malpractice case? Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how this process works!


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