After a birth injury what type of care will my baby need? As a Prince George’s County Maryland birth injury attorney, I can tell you that this question is on the minds of many parents when they realize that their child has suffered a birth trauma injury. From a brain injury and a cerebral palsy diagnosis later down the line, to a shoulder dystocia injury where the child’s arm and or hand is injured, parents worry about what type of care their child will need.


Not only is the concern into the near future, with children who have very long term challenges, concern from some parents can stem from what will happen to my child when I am no longer here? The purpose of this Maryland birth injury educational article is to help you understand how attorneys who handle these cases deal with the question in the title.



In a Maryland birth injury case, one important element which has to be proven is Damages. Damages is a fancy word which basically deals with the harm or injury done to your baby in a birth injury case. After a birth injury case what type of care will my baby need essentially deals with the issue of damages.


Maryland birth injury lawyers use special types of experts who can predict the type of care that your child will need going forward. With the help of these experts, your attorney will be able to give you and your family a better understanding of some of the things which lie ahead.





A vocational expert (“VE”) is the type of expert who can put together a long term plan for your child. The name of this plan is called a life care plan and vocational experts in this field have a lot of experience putting these plans together. VEs have extensive training and knowledge surrounding disability and future care treatment and planning.


The VE may want to come to your home and see the interaction between you and your baby. Some of the things that the VE will be looking at, for example, is will your child need a wheelchair to help with mobility? If this is the case, will your car need to be retro fitted to accommodate the wheel chair? In addition, will your home need ramps to help with wheelchair accessibility?


These are but some of the things that the VE will be evaluating in your Maryland birth injury case.



After a birth injury what type of care will my baby need? Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how this process works.


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