The doctor will not write a letter in support of your case after saying that he or she would? This issue can come up from time to time and in many instances patients are confused as to how this can happen. Usually this will be a second opinion doctor that the patient was found on his or her own.


In this Maryland medical malpractice educational article one of my goals is to help you get a better understanding of this process. Add to this, I want you to know that in my experience rarely will doctors on their own write a letter in support of a patient in this situation. Yes, the doctor may say one thing to you, but for them to put those findings in write is another issue.




Before explaining one of the reasons why a doctor may not want to write a letter in support of your medical malpractice case, it is important for you to understand the basics. For plaintiffs to be successful in a Maryland medical malpractice case the use of medical experts are needed. Maryland law is clear on this issue and if you not have the proper experts your case will not make it off the runway so to speak.


These medical experts will give opinions as to the correct standard of care owed to you and your baby in a birth injury case. In addition, they will testify as to whether a breach of the standard of care is what caused the injury. As a side note, the easiest way to understand the standard of care is to think, “What would a reasonable and prudent doctor do in the same circumstances as your doctor?”




As I stated above, do not be shocked if the doctor will not write a letter in support of your case. Many doctors who are “second opinion doctors” found by a patient will not write really incriminating information down about another doctor for fear of possibly getting drawn into a law suit. This is one of the main reasons why a doctor may flat out tell a patient that Dr. X did something terribly wrong and this is what has caused your injury; but the same doctor refusing to put those findings in writing.


As a result of this, you as the patient cannot be shocked if your doctor will not go as far as putting the findings in writing.




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