Follow up questions in your Maryland medical malpractice claim by your attorney are to be expected. The thing is sometimes clients just can’t understand why their attorney is asking them detailed questions. Follow up questions in your Maryland medical malpractice claim can be very helpful and soon you will understand why.


The purpose of this educational article is to give you a better understanding of the initial interview process with your attorney when you contact them regarding a possible Maryland medical malpractice claim.


Please note that the information presented in this article is general information and that each attorney and law firm might handle the initial interview in a different manner.




When a person is injured while in the care of a doctor the injury can be very severe. As a result, when this person speaks with an attorney they can sometimes want to rush and get all the information out when they speak with their attorney during the initial interview.


In their hurry to get their story out, they may gloss over or forget critical information regarding their care and treatment. Because Maryland medical malpractice cases can be heavily fact driven at times, it is imperative that your attorney have a full grasp of the facts.




During your interview initial interview do not be shocked if your attorney asks you to repeat something for clarification or for follow up. Remember, your attorney understands all of the required elements needed for you to prove your claim and a follow up question may be needed to narrow down the issues(s).


There is no need to get offended if you have to explain things further. It is better to deal with these issues on the front end than to discover problems down the road.

So follow up questions in your Maryland medical malpractice claim are not necessarily a bad thing, as put forth by the information presented here.




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