Maryland Medical Malpractice Jury Trial Over In One Day?


A Maryland medical malpractice jury trial to be completed in one day? This was a question that was presented to us by a person who was inquiring about bringing a possible claim for a medical injury. Because of TV court shows (things litigated in a thirty minutes or an hour), many people are not too familiar with the jury trial process. Although Maryland district court cases may be litigated in a day, the circuit court process is entirely different.




To better understand how these cases work, it is better to step back and give a proper foundation as to the process. Under Maryland law a plaintiff (the person bringing the law suit) must prove that the doctor(s) giving them care failed to adhere to the standard of care applicable to a patient in the same situation. By failing to uphold the standard of care this is what has to have caused the injury or harm.


In a medical malpractice case the above is a hotly contested issue. The reason being is if the defense (the doctors or hospital) can show that you cannot meet all of those elements your case will not be successful.




Through your attorney you will prove the elements of your case with the use of medical experts. These experts will have reviewed all of the relevant information in your case so that they can give opinions.


Your attorney will ask these experts questions through what is called direct examinations. A direct examination allows the expert to create a roadmap for the jury to follow regarding what happened in your case with the use of non-leading questions.


When your attorney is done, the defense will be able to cross examine your expert. The cross examination is a way in which the other side can ask leading questions to the witness to get answers. As with your case, the defense will get an opportunity to ask their experts questions on direct examination and you, through your attorney, will be able to ask questions on cross examination.


Because it is not uncommon for each side to have multiple witnesses and experts, the time frame for your Maryland medical malpractice jury trial can be days, if not weeks.




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