A General Practitioner And One Who Concentrates As Explained By Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Marcus Boston


A general practitioner and one who concentrates is there a difference? The short and quick answer is yes, there is a difference. A general practitioner has knowledge about a wide stream of practice areas. He or she may currently have caseloads of contracts, landlord/tenant, criminal, family law and maybe a car accident or two open.


Those who concentrate their practice areas will generally have caseloads pertaining to one specific group. For example, the family law lawyer may have cases regarding divorce, custody, child support and maybe adoption or child deprivation. The criminal lawyer could have cases involving traffic, assaults, burglary, DUI, etc.


For me, my current caseload consists of two birth injury matters and a wrongful death resulting from surgery.  I keep a small caseload so that I can know exactly what is going on with each case at each step. Also, these cases are very complicated and require attention to detail that I enjoy.




I cannot speak for other attorneys, but I chose to concentrate my firm so that I can spend my time learning and growing within this particular field. I am not a doctor but I review medical records which pertain to certain aspects of medicine, including diagnosis and treatment, as well as protocol and proper procedures. It can be difficult to stay on top of changes in the law regarding specific practice areas if you have several areas to keep abreast of. Additionally, having tons of smaller cases open means that you need to keep up with what is going on in each and every case.




A general practitioner and one who concentrates is there a difference?

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the different types of attorneys and their respective ways to practice.

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