Parents Blamed For Child Birth Injury Says The Defense


Despite all that the parents have been through the defense contends that the reason the child suffered an injury at birth is because of the child’s parents. Are you wondering how this can happen? If you have this question you are not alone, as this position by the defense in a Maryland child birth injury case can be stunning to parents, especially when they have followed all medical advice during the pregnancy.




A typical Maryland child birth injury call can sometimes start off in this fashion. A mother will contact our office because her baby is not meeting certain neonatal developmental milestones for a child of similar age. This generates concern on the part of mom and dad and they begin to do research on the internet regarding their child’s situation. Their research can lead them to reaching out to a Maryland birth injury lawyer and upon interview this is what their story turns up.


Mom had a pretty normal pregnancy. She was not high risk or had to deal with preeclampsia (although in some instances mom is a high risk). However, when it was time to give birth her water was stained with meconium. In addition, the fetal heart monitor revealed that the baby was in distress. For example, tachycardia was present for a considerable amount of time during the vaginal delivery and there was little variability in the readings. In addition, late deceleration were present.


Even though the fetal strip was non-reassuring, the doctor in the delivery room opted to continue with a vaginal delivery. Upon birth, the baby was blue in color, had poor breathing effort, had low Apgar scores, suffered seizures, and was handed off to the NICU. MRIs soon after birth suggest a brain injury and a possible hypoxic event.




One of main the roles of the defense in a Maryland medical malpractice and child birth injury case is to protect their client’s interests and to argue any meritorious defenses available to their client. As a result, it is not uncommon for the doctors and hospitals to take the position that nothing that they did caused your child’s birth injury.


Your attorney will be able to refute their positions by the use of medical experts who may have a different opinion than the doctors and hospitals. These experts will have also reviewed the facts and medical records in the case and will be able to give an opinion as to what caused your baby’s injury at birth.




If the doctors and hospital are trying to blame you for your child’s birth injury, and you think that is was their faults instead, this is what I invite you to do.


Pick up the phone and give me a call.


Pick up the phone and give me a call.


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