The Doctor Denies Any Wrongdoing For Your Injury


The doctor denies any wrongdoing for your injury.


Or another way to put it is that your doctor says that he or she is not the cause of your injury.


If the doctor is denying liability then how do you go about proving that your injury was due to the malpractice of the doctor?


The answer lies in how Maryland law breaks down a medical malpractice claim.




Maryland law requires that a person bringing an injury case prove the following elements:


  • Duty
  • Breach of Duty
  • Causation
  • Damages


To take matters even further, in a medical malpractice case the plaintiff will deal with whether the treating doctor breached the standard of care, and by doing this caused the injury or your damages.


If you cannot meet the above critical elements then more than likely you will not be successful with your case.




Rarely will a doctor come straight out and admit to any wrongdoing in your case.


However, just because the doctor denies liability does not mean that you cannot prove your case, or get your claim heard before a jury.


Your attorney will have your cause reviewed by medical experts who will then give an opinion as to whether the treating doctor did not follow the standard of care for your situation, causing your injury.


The expert will make these conclusions by reviewing your medical records and possibly performing a medical examination on you or your baby in a birth injury case.




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