Women outlive men in general but researchers in the United States (“US”) have decided to look more closely at what the numbers reveal. According to relevant statistics, heart disease was the number one cause of death for women in the US in 2013, the most current year analyzed. For men, in the same year, heart disease was also the number one cause of death.


Researchers looked at data from people enrolled in Medicare for the years of 1982, 2004, and 2011. The study also asked how often disabilities prevented people from being able to take part in daily activities.


Over the period studied, according to reports, women spent an estimated 30% of their golden years with a disability. On the other hand, men at the start of the data spent 22% of their golden years with a disability. However, at the conclusion of the study, that 22% had been reduced to 19%. The study did not pinpoint why women may spend more time dealing with a disability as compared to men.


For many people, basic day to day activates are taken for granted when healthy. For example, cooking your own food, or brushing your teeth. These tasks can seem impossible to complete when a disability is part of the equation.


Long term care programs can go a long ways in helping seniors who are dealing with not only disability, but also chronic illnesses. Care can be focused around the home or it can be a community based program. A typical community based program would be a program like an adult daycare, or a home delivered meals program, etc…


Residential long term care are programs assist seniors when there is more care needed than can be provided in the home. These programs would consist of nursing homes and adult group homes.


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