Maryland Medical Malpractice & Childbirth Injury Attorney Marcus Boston Explains The Injury Settlement Check Process

When injury settlement check is mailed will I know amount?

In other words, will I know the amount of my injury settlement check before my case ends?

This is a question that is on the minds of a lot of injury clients, and rightfully so.

With medical bills mounting and the possibility of lost wages, knowing the amount of a settlement check before closing an injury case can be critical to a client’s long term success.

Each attorney or law firm my handle the settlement process different, so for the purpose of this educational article I am going to speak on some of the basics of the process.




Before I answer the question of whether you will have an idea of the amount of your settlement check before finishing your case, I want to remind you to help your attorney throughout this process.

For example, whenever an insurance company pays out bills for your care you will usually within a few weeks get a statement of the amount of the bill for medical services rendered and the amount the insurance company paid.

You want to make sure that this information is forwarded to your attorney when you get your copy from the insurance company.

This information can be really helpful to your attorney because he or she can compare it to the records they have on file.




The short answer is that in general you should know the amount of your settlement check before you finalize your case.

Attorneys use a settlement statement to help you know the final amount of your case.

The information provided on the settlement statement will include things like the amount of your medical bills which have to be repaid, attorneys’ fees, costs, etc…

During your settlement conference you should make sure that you understand all of the dollar amounts before concluding your conference.




The purpose of the settlement conference is to give you a good idea of where the money is going in your case.

At the conclusion you should have a good idea as to not only the amount of money in your settlement, but how much will be paid out for your attorneys’ fees and costs.

If you do not have a good understanding of the disbursement of your funds then you should ask your attorney to answer your concerns.




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