Prince George’s County Cerebral Palsy Attorney Explains Hypoxia And Childbirth Injury Issues


In some instances when a child suffers an injury at birth the injury can be prevented.

This is because there are medical advances in place which can help doctors and nurses understand for example, how well a child is tolerating a vaginal delivery.

When things like the fetal heart monitor is ignored, or interpreted incorrectly, the chances of the child suffering a serious, if not fatal injury, increases.

For shoulder dystocia cases, simple findings such as whether mother is dealing with gestational diabetes can go a long ways in predicting the increased chances of the baby getting stuck in the birth canal.

With all of this said, many parents who contact me regarding a child’s brain injury at birth are concerned about how these cases are analyzed and what may have caused their child to suffer from cerebral palsy.




“Mr. Boston I thought everything was going well, as I didn’t have any issues during my pregnancy.”

“The nurses and doctors didn’t lead me to believe anything was wrong until later into the pregnancy.”

“I remember that the nurses turned me on my side a lot and gave me oxygen though.”

“It wasn’t until after I had been pushing for a while, and late in my labor that I begin to feel scared for my baby.”

“I didn’t have a C-section, as the doctors let me push through a vaginal delivery.”

“Once my baby was born he was blue in color and I was told that he would have to stay in the NICU.”

“My husband and I later learned that our baby was suffering from seizures too.”




One of the main causes of cerebral palsy in childbirth injuries is a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy essentially deals with this issue, a lack of oxygen.

When a baby is not tolerating a vaginal delivery well there is always a chance that the baby is not getting enough oxygen.

The fetal heart monitor can help doctors determine whether the baby is doing well with the vaginal delivery.

If the fetal heart monitor readings demonstrate that the baby is have a hard time and in distress, doctors must consider an emergency C-section.

In addition to the fetal heart monitor assisting with determining whether a baby is in distress, the presence of meconium can also be a sign that the baby is in distress.




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