By Waiting Too Long To Speak With A Lawyer You Can Lose Your Maryland Medical Malpractice And Childbirth Injury Case.


Every now and then I will take a call from a person who has seriously been injured while in the care of a doctor.

As the person tells their story everything can initially point to issues regarding their care.

Be it a doctor failing to do a proper differential diagnosis, to a surgeon not noticing an injury to the common bile duct and closing the patient up, only for the patient to develop sepsis down the line.

However, as the person keeps talking hurtful information springs forward.

And what is this information?

Time…yep that’s it, time.




Under Maryland, a person bringing a law suit has a certain amount of time to bring their claim.

This is known as the statute of limitations.

Not only is there a statute of limitations, there is a maximum cut off date in which all claims must be brought, even if you argue that you should be able to go past the first time limit.

Because statute of limitations issues must be analyzed on a case by case basis, you should definitely speak with an attorney on this issue as soon as you can.




For some reason, some people think that they can wait for years before speaking with a Maryland medical malpractice attorney about their issues.

For example, a wife had the unfortunate issue of dealing with her husband’s death days after his surgery.

Initially everything was going well before the surgery but afterwards the doctors relayed to her information which raised flags in her mind about his care and a few days later he had passed away after he was released home.

When she decided to reach out to a Maryland medical malpractice attorney there was only weeks left before the case could be brought.

With so little time left it would have been nearly impossible for an investigation to take place regarding the husband’s treatment and care.




Regardless of whether you are going to contact an attorney immediately, it will not hurt to request your medical records.

This can be a huge help down the road if you do eventually decide to speak with an attorney.

Even though requesting and getting your medical records is a plus, you still should not wait until the last minute to speak with an attorney.

Remember, your attorney is going to need time to review and investigate your case.

To speak with me further about your situation and injury give me a call.

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I answer questions like yours all the time and I will be happy to listen to your story.


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