Attorney Marcus Boston Explains Will A Stroke Always Be Maryland Medical Malpractice?



A stroke can have serious medical consequences for a patient.

Not only can a patient suffer from disabling injuries, death can sometimes be the result of a stroke.

In the area of Maryland medical malpractice cases, sometimes clients think that if a stroke happened that the damage that it caused must have been due to medical malpractice.

Because of the seriousness of a stroke it is easy to see how some people will feel the need to blame someone.

But will a stroke always be Maryland medical malpractice?


Where Can Problems Arise?


The typical example of a stroke case will be a person presenting at the hospital emergency room with all of the signs of a stroke.

Their speech may be slurred, or they may have facial drooping, etc…

For the most part, hospitals and medical professionals are trained to pay close attention to stroke indicators and when they are observed, the medical staff will get into action.

This will mean that diagnostic tests such as a CT scan will be performed.

One of the main purposes of the CT scan is to help doctors determine the type of stroke and the best method of treatment (hemorrhagic stroke vs. ischemic stroke).

Some problems can occur when medical professionals fail to notice and act on obvious stroke signs.

However, for the focus of this educational article, the focus is on the initial stroke which happened when the patient was not under the care of a medical professional, in other words, the initial stroke happened elsewhere.

This is where problems can arise.


The Initial Damage From The Stroke…


Sometimes when a stroke occurs the damage can just be too great.

A patient will then present to a hospital and the hospital will follow all of the right steps for treatment and care of the patient.

Add to this, the patient may “seem” to even get better a little.

Seeing this, sometimes patients and family members can think that everything is in the clear when in actuality this is not the case.

Due to the devastating nature of the initial stroke, the body may not be able to bounce back and in a couple of days the patient has either taken a turn for the worse, or has even passed away.

It can be at this time when allegations of medical malpractice will be made by either the patient or a family member when in reality the medical providers did nothing which suggests they strayed from the standard of good and acceptable medical care.


So What Should You Do Then If You Have Questions?


In no way am I saying that stoke cases will never be medical malpractice.

What I am saying is that a good investigation of the case must be done.

So to answer the above question of will a stroke always be medical malpractice the answer is more than likely no, but only with a good investigation can an attorney give you a good legal opinion as to whether medical malpractice may have been the culprit.

To speak to me further about your, or a loved one’s stroke injury, this is what I invite you to do.

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