In a Maryland breast cancer misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis case Maryland medical malpractice attorney Marcus Boston explains how ignoring a patient’s complaints can be disastrous.


When a patient has complaints doctors have to make sure that they take the time to listen to the complaints to better understand what the patient may have going on.

In a Maryland breast cancer misdiagnosis, or delayed diagnosis case, ignoring a patient’s complaints can set up the possibility of horrible problems down the road.

Although many doctors take a patient’s complaints seriously, sometimes patients fall between the cracks.


How Can The Problem Manifest Itself?


What can often happen is that a woman will find a lump in her breast during a self-breast examination.

She will then contact her doctor and inform the doctor of the lump.

After taking the patient’s history, the doctor may do an examination.

At the conclusion of this examination, the doctor might send the patient out for more tests.

After the patient has had other tests, sometimes the doctor will forget to follow up regarding the tests, or think that another doctor has done the follow up, when this is not the case.

In some instances, the patient can think that since no one has said anything, “no news means good news.”

However, in actuality, the ball has been dropped.

Additionally, problems can be found when a woman has a history of breast cancer in her family and doctors do not flesh out this fact during intake or the initial history.

Knowing this fact can also help with the necessary tests and treatment options.


Why Can These Errors Be Problematic?


Breast cancer is a type of cancer where early detection can go a long ways in helping a patient have a good outcome.

Early detection can lay the groundwork the types of treatments and tests needed to help the patient get good jump on their fight against the cancer.

When doctors miss the obvious signs that things may not be going well for the patient, the patient can lose out on some of these early treatment opportunities.


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