Is There A Certain Way That I Must Ask Questions In My Maryland Jury Trial?


In the Maryland jury trial process there are many stages.

At trial the parties do not themselves ask questions of the opposing side.

However, through their respective counsel, they can get the answers that they seek from the other side.

How Can I Ask Questions?


Your attorney will get to ask questions of you and the witnesses for your side.

This is called a direct examination.

During direct examination, you will ask witnesses open-ended, or non-leading questions to get the witness to explain what happened.

An example of an open-ended or direct question would be: “What if anything happened to you on January 1, 2016?”

The question is broad and allows you to explain in detail what you were doing on that date.

Your attorney will ask additional questions to create a road map for the fact finder (judge or jury) to follow.

Will The Other Party Ask Me Questions?


More than likely they will.

This is called cross examination.

During cross examination the questions become a bit more focused.

The other side has an opinion as to what your answer will be so they tailor their questions to illicit a yes or no response usually.

Sometimes they will ask a question in such a way to get you to explain your position, but quite often the questions are specific and closed.

An example of a closed-ended or cross-examination question is: “You were present at the local hospital on Thursday?”

The answer to the question is likely going to be yes.

The opposing side has done their homework and already know that you were present on the date in question.

They want to show the fact finder that you agree with them by saying yes.

Prior to trial your attorney may discuss with you the types of questions the other side may ask and also go over with you sample questions.

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