When do some parents contact a Maryland childbirth injury attorney?

The purpose of this educational article is to talk about two examples of when parents contact a Maryland childbirth injury attorney.

Usually the parents have heard a lot of “possible” reasons why their child has suffered an injury.



The failure to perform a timely C-section can cause serious harm to a child.

This is usually do to the fact that the child can receive less oxygen (hypoxia), or no oxygen (anoxia) during the critical birthing process.

Signs of fetal distress can be present, and displayed by reading on the fetal hear monitor.

If the fetal hear monitor reveals to doctors and nurses that the child is not handling the vaginal delivery well, doctors and nurses have to take the right actions.

Parents can sometimes notice that their child may have had oxygen related because soon after birth the child may have been blue in color, or had to be resuscitated, or had meconium stained fluid, or had to be taken to the NICU, etc…



During the delivery, doctors and nurses are taught to be calm.

However, sometimes parents can tell that “something may not be right.”

For example, a mother may think that the duration of her labor was very long, and other options may should have been given to her regarding delivery.

When there are “issues” with the delivery and the child has seemed to suffer an injury because of this parents in some instances are ready to act.



Another time when parents contact a Maryland childbirth injury attorney is when they can see that their child is just not reaching the established milestones for a child of their age.

Especially when the parents know that the childbirth process contained some of the things mentioned in the above paragraphs, great concern starts to mount.



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