You are present for your jury trial and you hear a witness testifying against you.

But here is the thing, you know that the witness is lying.

Other testimony that has been explained in the trial directly contradicts what this witness is saying.

Add to this, on cross examination by your lawyer, the witness makes more inconsistent statements.

So the question that you lean over and ask your lawyer is, “who is going to make the call as to whether this witness can be believed?”



To have a better understanding of the answer lets step back and explain the role of some of the major players in the jury trial process.

One of the main roles of the jury is to be the fact finder in your case.

This means that the jury will listen to testimony and observe all the evidence at trial.

Once this is done, they will deliberate and come to a conclusion of how the facts played out in your case.

One of the main roles of the judge in a jury trial is to deal with law, or legal related issues in the case.

For example, when an objection is made in trial, the judge will decide the legal aspects of the objection, not the jury.

Add to this, if any motions or other legal requests are made, the judge will deal with these too, in addition to advising the jury on the law to use to reach their verdict.



The simple answer is that it will be the role of the jury to determine if the witness is lying or in their eyes, being truthful.

The jury can decide to not believe any of the witness’ testimony, believe some of the witness’ testimony, or not believe any of it.

Remember, questions of fact, are the purview of the jury in a jury trial.



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