If you have had the time to watch any type of court hearing, you have more than likely had a chance to see the lawyers walk up to the bench to talk with the judge.

The question on many people’s minds is what is the purpose of all of this?

I mean do they have something to “hide” if they will not tell the jury what they are talking about?



To have a better understanding of things one needs to understand the main role of the jury in a jury trial.

The jury is there to decide the issues of fact in a jury trial.

What this means is that the jury will be the ones who will decide who or what to believe in the case.

The jury gets to give weight to the evidence.

So for example, a jury can decide that a witness is not telling the truth and choose to totally disregard a witness’ testimony or other admitted evidence.



When lawyers walk up to the judge, in many cases they are discussing matters of law.

Remember, the jury’s main role is to decide the facts in the case, and use the law the judge gives them to come to a verdict.

If it is a technical legal issue, then the jury is not going to decide this.

So, for example, if there is a technical hearsay objection that has to be dealt with, because this is a matter of law, the jury will not get involved with this.

The lawyers may decide it’s better to approach the judge and argue this point outside of the jury so that the jury does not get confused about a technical legal issue.



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