A teenager presented to the emergency department with complaints of back pain.

The medical professionals on duty performed a history and physical of the patient and came to a diagnosis that the cause of the back pain was due to the teenager’s weight.

Before leaving the emergency department the teenager and her parent’s voiced concern that they wanted a MRI to be done.

The doctors declined this request.



As we fast forward into time the teenager’s pain reaches critical and medical professionals are once again called upon to review her case.

Three months after being seen and denied an MRI, a MRI was finally performed and the results of the MRI revealed a large tumor in the teenager’s body.

Because of the position and location of the tumor, the teenager had to have a leg amputated. WHAT SAYS THE JURY?

Left with the loss of a leg, the teenager filed a medical malpractice case against the emergency department for essentially failing to order an MRI during the initial emergency visit.

The jury, after listening to all the evidence concluded that the teenager was the victim of medical malpractice and should be compensated for the loss of a leg.



What one has to remember is that under Maryland law a bad result does not always mean medical malpractice.

It just does not work that way.

To be successful in Maryland one must prove that the doctor did not do what a reasonable and prudent doctor would have done under the same set of circumstances as your doctor, causing you to suffer injury.

If this is not present then regardless of how bad the result is, you will not be successful with a Maryland medical malpractice law suit.



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