You think that you have been injured because of something that your doctor or hospital did to you.

Because of this, you want to sue them for medical malpractice.

You know that you are a smart person and you are highly educated.

As a result, you think that representing myself in a Maryland medical malpractice case is the way to go.

Is this a good idea and should you do it?

Ultimately The Choice Is Yours!!!


First of all, you have to understand that it is your choice ultimately as to whether you are going to hire an attorney or handle the case yourself.

In our opinion though, it is not a good idea to go in alone with no counsel in these types of cases.

This is due to the fact that there are a lot of places a person can make a mistake in these types of cases.

The Playing Field Is Covered With Landmines!!!


For example, who do you sue?

In other words who are the correct defendants?

Where and how do you sue them?

What language has to be in the complaint?

Do you need medical experts and if so, what has to the basis of their testimony?

These are but a few of the issues that you would have to deal with on your own if you were to try and represent yourself.

Where Do I Go From Here?


If you think that it may be best to speak with someone about your situation this is what we would advise you to do if your matter happened here in Maryland.

It costs you nothing to take this simple action.

Pick up the phone and give us a call.

We can be reached at 301-850-4832.

We answer Maryland medical malpractice questions like yours all the time and we would be happy to listen to your story.


Marcus Boston is a Maryland medical malpractice attorney who helps people navigate the Maryland childbirth injury and medical malpractice process to get money for their injuries caused by the carelessness of doctors and hospitals.