One reason a patient can suffer a brain injury or other injury in the hospital or under the care of a doctor is because of poor post-operative monitoring and care.

Patients have to have good care because issues can sometimes arise after an operation.

Patient In Case Study Suffers Brain Damage


In this case study a middle age patient went in to have spinal surgery.

The patient was a smoker, overweight, and a suffered from obstructive sleep apnea.

Because of the seriousness of the sleep apnea, the patient used a CPAP while at home.

After the surgery the patient was moved to the neurological wing of the hospital.

The patient was given a morphine pump, among other things, but no CPAP was ordered.

Poor Patient Follow-up


Nurses where supposed to frequently follow-up with the patient, paying close attention to the patient’s oxygen levels.

However, regular follow-up was not done.

The record reflected that the nurses only checked the patient’s oxygen level when they came in infrequently to check the patient’s vitals.

More Than 8 Hours & No Follow-up


Late one evening an evening shift nurse came in and noticed that the patient was asleep snoring with a faint pulse.

The nurse immediately called for help but by this time it was too late.

The patient had suffered brain damage because of the lack of oxygen.

Computer records revealed that the last nurse who had taken the patient’s vitals was very early that morning.

If You Think Poor Post-Op Monitoring Caused Your Injury What Should You Do?


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