You go to the mailbox and there you see it.

A notice for the clerk of court in your county explaining that you have been summoned for jury duty.

What can you expect and better yet, how were you chosen?

The simple answer as to how you were chosen is that each county, and Baltimore City, keeps a list of eligible individuals in the county/city who can sit for jury duty.

Names are then randomly picked off of this list.

So in short, this is how you initially got your summons in the mail.

Once you get to the courthouse then the process will begin.

Before going further, please remember that each county and judge may do things in a different manner, however, some things will be the same across the board.

After check in, prospective jurors will be explained the role of a jury/juror in our civil/criminal justice system.

Eventually, a prospective juror will be more than likely sent to a courtroom.

When arriving to the courtroom the prospective juror will be asked certain questions by the parties to the case.

Add to this, it is at this time the type of case will be revealed to the prospective juror.

The attorneys will use the answers to the questions as a way determine which jurors they will want to hear the case.

Again, one must remember that this process may vary depending on the county and judge.


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