Your medical malpractice case is looking to now settle.

With that said you now have some questions about how does a lawyer keep my money separate in a Maryland injury case?

If you are thinking about this question you are not alone.

To be able to understand how this is done, you first need to understand how law firm accounts are set up.

In general, lawyers who do these types of injury cases have at least two accounts.

One account is the attorney’s or law firm’s operating account.

This account is used to handle the day to day operations of the law firm.

The second account is the attorney trust account.

This account is important because this is the account which will house the client’s funds.

The use of two separate accounts is how lawyers make sure that the client’s money is not mixed up or co-mingled with the lawyer’s account.

When an injury case settles, or a jury verdict is rendered in favor of the plaintiff, the money goes into the trust account.

The lawyer will then write a check off the trust account to the client.

Another check will then be written off of the trust account to the attorney, to then be deposited into the lawyer’s operating account.

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