An error in the delivery room can cause a serious child birth injury.

When this does occur, families are often times looking for answers.

The purpose of this educational article is to shine light on two areas of concern when a child is injured at birth.

Even though there are multiple areas of investigation in these types of cases, the two focal points in this article will get you thinking about some of the critical issues in these types of cases.

The first area of concern is whether the doctors in the delivery room were adequately prepared for a possible delivery room emergency.

For example, in a shoulder dystocia case, doctors may need to be on alert if the baby is a “big baby.”

A shoulder dystocia condition is a medical emergency because the baby gets trapped behind the mother’s pelvis.

This causes an emergency because if doctors do not work quickly to free the baby, the baby can suffer serious injury or even die.

The second area of concern is whether the doctors paid attention to, or properly read the fetal heart monitor.

This monitor is important because it can inform the doctors whether the child progressing and tolerating a vaginal delivery.

If the child is in distress then doctors must quickly make a determination as to whether an emergency C-section is needed.

When doctors do not pay attention to or misread the fetal heart monitor the child can suffer a serious injury like cerebral palsy or even death.

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