Maryland is one of the few states in the United States that still follows a very strict law as to a person contributing to their own medical injury.

This legal concept is called contributory negligence.

What this means is that if a person is even 1% responsible for their injury, then under Maryland law they cannot recover for their injures.

In other words, you can’t contribute to your own injury.

For a better understanding of how this can work here is a simple example.

A person has chest pains and goes to his doctor for help.

The doctor says that the patient needs to have a chest X-Ray and explains this to the client.

With that said, the patient does not follow up with the doctor or get the needed X-Ray completed.

We go into time 2 years and the patient is again complaining to the doctor about chest pains and other complaints.

However, this time the patient does get the X-Ray done and it is discovered that the patient has a massive tumor on his lung.

The patient then explains to the doctor, “how did you miss this?”

In the above example, if the patient tries to file a medical malpractice law suit there is a good chance that the doctor is going to defend on the grounds that the patient “contributed” to his own injury because when the patient refused to get the initial X-Ray done.

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