You are told that you will need surgery and you talk it over with your doctor.

Based on your conversations with your doctor you decide that surgery is the way to go.

You are then prepared for surgery.

The anesthesiologist places the endotracheal tube into the patient.

However, due to an error, the doctor does not properly place the tube.

Instead of placing the tube into the trachea, the doctor places the tube into the esophagus and informs the surgeon that the patient is ready for surgery.

In the above situation, the patient can suffer serious injury, if not death.

Surgery is already a stress on the body.

If an endotracheal tube is not placed properly the patient can go without the correct amount of oxygen during a surgical procedure.

Without oxygen, the body can suffer irreparable damage.

This is why doctors must check and be sure that the endotracheal tube is placed correctly and not filling the abdomen with oxygen.

If you have suffered a surgery injury because of a tracheal tube error, or have had a loved one die during surgery, this is what we advise you to do if it happened in Maryland.

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