A pregnant patient presented to her OBGYN complaining of what she thought was a lump on her breast.

Her OBGYN performed a physical examination of the patient and noted that it was a “flat cystic nodule.”

However, the doctor told the patient that there was nothing to worry about because the patient was pregnant and that this nodule was being caused by the pregnancy.

The lump remained during the patient’s pregnancy and she voiced concerns about the lump to other doctors at her clinic.

These doctors also reassured her that there was nothing out of the ordinary and that the lump was due to the fact that she was pregnant.

One doctor even noted in the patient’s chart that the patient’s breasts had thickened areas but that no distinct masses were found.

Eventually the patient gave birth and even after birth the lump remained.

Worried about things, the patient contacted her family doctor and requested an examination.

The family doctor noted the lump and because of how much time had passed since the patient first discovered the lump (a little over a year and a half now) the family doctor referred her out for a biopsy.

Once the biopsy was completed, it was determined that the lump in the patient’s breast was cancerous.

A radical mastectomy was then performed.

Unfortunately, even with the efforts of her doctors, the cancer eventually metastasized into the lymph nodes and spread to the patient’s brain and abdomen.

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