Hypoxia is a serious medical condition for children at birth.

Essentially what the term means in a child birth setting is that the child is not getting enough oxygen.

When a lack of oxygen is present, the child can suffer from a host of injuries, such as cerebral palsy.

One way in which hypoxia can occur is in a shoulder dystocia situation.

Shoulder dystocia occurs when the baby is stuck in the birth cannel.

In this type of medical emergency doctors use the medical techniques they are taught to help free the baby.

If doctors do not recognize that shoulder dystocia is present, then not only can the baby suffer injuries to the brachial plexus area, the child can suffer from a lack of oxygen as well.

Certain risk factors should alert doctors that a mother may be at risk for a shoulder dystocia situation being present during delivery.

For example, if the mother has had a previous shoulder dystocia condition during a previous child birth.

Gestational diabetics can also be a risk factor for a shoulder dystocia condition during birth and if the mother has gained 35lbs or more during the pregnancy.

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