What is shoulder dystocia during delivery you may be wondering?

Essentially what can happen is that during delivery a baby can get trapped behind the mother’s pelvis.

This can create what is called a shoulder dystocia emergency in the delivery room.

In some cases doctors should know in advance if they may be dealing with a possible shoulder dystocia delivery.

For example, the size of the baby can give doctors advance notice that the baby may have problems during delivery.

When a shoulder dystocia situation is present, as mentioned above, it creates an emergency in the delivery room.

This is because if the baby is not freed quickly, the baby can die in some cases.

Doctors are taught different types of maneuvers to help free the baby when they are stuck behind the pelvis.

One of these maneuvers or techniques is called the McRoberts maneuver.

Where issues can occur is when doctors do not perform the maneuver the right way.

For example, when doctors use this technique, they are to push the mother’s legs up towards her head.

This helps open the pelvis area, thereby freeing the baby’s shoulder when it is stuck.

Where things can go wrong is when doctors widen a mother’s legs (do not push up but push side to side) and still instruct the mother to push.

This is problematic because it does nothing to help open the pelvis.

The baby is still stuck and with the mother still pushing, injury to the baby’s shoulder or neck can occur.

Generally an injury to the brachial plexus area will happen.

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