As a mother your gut is telling you that something is wrong following your baby’s birth.

At the time of delivery your child suffered from seizures and you just have no idea how this could be.

Add to this, your baby was severely discolored in that the baby was dark blue.

The doctors have told you that they have not found any evidence of a genetic disorder which could be responsible for the seizures.

When these types of situations present themselves, parents are often wondering did the doctors do something wrong during the baby’s delivery.

One of the main areas of review in these types of situations is the fetal heart monitor.

The fetal heart monitor can reveal whether the baby was tolerating the vaginal delivery.

Doctors have to make sure that they are paying attention to the fetal heart monitor because if doctors do not pay attention to it, and fail to perform an emergency C-section while the baby is in distress, the baby can suffer a brain injury.

This brain injury is usually due to the fact that the baby has suffered from a lack of oxygen.

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