A man’s leg was injured while he was at work.

As a result of the leg pain he decided that he should see his primary care doctor.

The primary care doctor saw the patient and made a determination that the patient was “just suffering from an ankle sprain.”

With that said, the doctor gave the patient orders to essentially stay off of the leg and take prescribed medication for the pain.

The problem was that after a few days the patient begin to experience even more pain in the leg.

Add to this shortness of breath was present as was dizziness and headaches.

The patient decided that he should make another visit to his doctor.

After listening to the patient’s complaints the doctor ordered tests to be completed.

One of the tests ordered and read was an EKG.

After telling the patient that essentially the patient was suffering from a very bad ankle sprain, the patient was discharged with more medication for the pain and orders to stay off the leg.

In a couple of short days the patient died while at home of a heart attack.

It was determined that the patient’s EKG was misread and had the patient’s EKG been read right it would have been determined that the patient needed to be hospitalized immediately.

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