You have been injured following your surgery and you are not sure what to do.

You have questions regarding the actions of your doctor.

Could your injury have been prevented?

Did the doctor do everything “the right way?”

Add to these questions, you are also wondering how do go about trying to figure out how much your case is worth?

Some of the things that Maryland injury victims need to think about when trying to figure out how much their case is worth are the following:

• What type of injury or injuries have you suffered?

• Will you need long term care to help with treatment?

• Will you need any future surgeries?

• What are your current medical bills?

• Will you have future medical bills?

• Do you have lost wages?

• Will you be able to work in the future?

All of these things and many more go into attempting to figure out the value of a medical malpractice, or personal injury case.

Until you know the answers to these types of questions, it will be a challenge in placing an immediate value on your case.

If you would like to speak with us further about these issues, or if you are even the victim of medical malpractice, this is what we invite you to do if your matter happened in Maryland.

Pick up the phone and give us a call.

We can be reached at 301-850-4832.

We answer Maryland medical malpractice questions like yours all the time and we would be glad to listen to your story.

Marcus Boston is a Maryland medical malpractice attorney who helps people navigate the Maryland childbirth injury and medical malpractice process to get money for their injuries caused by the carelessness of doctors and hospitals.