You are not feeling well so you check yourself into the emergency room.

Once there you are seen by the necessary medical staff and all of the preliminary things are done.

You are then seen by a doctor.

Based on the doctor’s examination and workup, it is determined that you are in need of X-rays and other scans immediately.

All of the pertinent information is placed into your chart and you are sent to have the X-rays and other tests done.

There are no complications in the execution of the examinations and everything seems to be proceeding in an orderly fashion.

However, this is where the problem occurs.

After performing the needed tests, there is a serious delay in the reading of the tests by the radiologist.

Because of this, your diagnosis is delayed and you suffer a serious injury because of this.

A delay in reporting to a patient’s chart or to the attending physician can have serious adverse repercussions on a patient’s care and treatment.

As a result of this, hospitals have a responsibility to make sure that reports and exams are performed in a prompt manner.

It is not acceptable to waste time in when performing these types of important duties.

If you think that your injury while in the hospital was due to an unnecessary delay in the radiology department getting the results of your tests to your attending doctor, and your matter happened in Maryland, this is what we invite you to do.

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